duck rabbit orig

I have a very talented friend called Katy, who studied Philosophy at Crichton campus and heard about Wittgenstein’s duck-rabbit.  Here is it from the original  Philosophical Investigations II, XI (p194).  Wittgenstein is talking about the difference between “seeing”and “seeing as”, (or “continual seeing” and “dawning”) and this picture is meant to be an illustration of the way that we can only see something as one thing at once, though there may be different ways of seeing it.

duck rabbit 2

I’ve always had a problem seeing this as a rabbit at all, but Katy drew this instead.  Now that’s a duck-rabbit!

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  1. Peter says:

    Hi, very nice drawing! I would like to use it in an academic publication I wrote about Philosophy, Film and Wittgenstein (will probably be open access). I don’t like Wittgenstein’s original duck-rabbit – can I get your’s and the artist’s permission? That would be great! Since it seems to be CC, to whom should I give credits? Thanks, Peter

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