Satisfying students

(I began writing this post before I saw the amended title for this week’s #moocmooc)

list-147904_1280Here in the UK we care about our HE students – no, we really do – we ask them to respond to surveys and publish the results and all that.  At Glasgow Uni we get them to complete feedback forms at the end of every module, we have student reps for every course who get to go to important meetings about their subjects, and the Student Representative Council (our version of the NUS) has reps aplenty.  I think that sometimes we might even remember to listen to their opinions 😉  What more could we do?

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Well, according to Jesse Stommel and those folk at Hybrid Pedagogy, we ought to be doing an awful lot more if we really care about teaching,  Critical pedagogy, Jesse says, is a pedagogy of generosity.  I wonder how to flesh that out.  Should I be generous with my time?  Well, I try, but there is so little of it, and so many students (and I’ll leave the rant about how class sizes get bigger and all that for another day).  Should I be generous with my grading?  Well, of course – I already am, I think.  But I guess that what I take from Jesse’s thought is that I should be generous of spirit -I should try to give more of myself to students.  This week, in a moral philosophy tutorial, a student asked me what my ethical stance was.    So I told him, and in so doing I opened a window into my soul.  I’ll try to keep it open now.*


* I am reading Deleuze on Leibniz at the moment.  I think that is colouring my thinking more than I had realised. 😉

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4 Responses to Satisfying students

  1. Maha Bali says:

    Love the way you’ve got a sarcastic undertone for this post – and that you wrote about it before reading this week’s prompt – I think it implies we’re taking this mooc in a direction that flows quite well (and the post Jesse and I wrote was definitely influenced by what’s been happening throughout week 1, so it’s good to see you were moving in a similar direction).

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      I started writing about generosity on Wednesday and it got stuck. Popped into my head to his afternoon. Serendipity? Maybe.

  2. I remember meetings about ‘student engagement’ which were all about the feedback forms and processes – and some of us said… Ummmm – it could be so much more than that!

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