Farewell to #hpj101

Over the last few days I’ve been participating in a short course in collaborative peer editing run by Hybrid Pedagogy. It’s been a wonderful, hectic, emotional, tiring few days and I am so much the richer for the experience. I have also made some fantastic new friends. 🙂

In order to try and capture some of the magic of the experience, and to thank the HP folk for taking the time to put this course on for us, I used my new baby skilz with Popcorn WebMaker and did this:

If you were part of #hpj101 and do not see yourself mentioned, please leave some words in a comment for me to add or give me the link to one of your tweets.  Or if there’s an awesome quote by somebody else, let me know so I can include it. I put this together in something of a rush (and deleted all of the content from the first one, eek), so forgive me for not including everybody.  Alternatively you can hit “remix” at the end and mix up a new version.

Thanks to #rhizo15 peeps (especially Kevin and Terry and Susan) for giving me the confidence to learn to do this.

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  1. Susan says:

    Super duper awesome!

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