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When is a pilot not a pilot?

Recently we’ve been running some software pilots in our unit. Although I am sure that some folk in our Uni think that we are unnecessarily risk averse with regard to core systems such as Moodle (“it’s just  a line of … Continue reading

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Vicarious learning

If we think that tutorials and seminars are an important part of the campus based learning experience, then how to we replace these when we are designing and delivering online courses? One way might be to use virtual classroom software … Continue reading

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There’s a new challenge going around – watch a short video and write a bog post tying what you have seen into something about education. So Whitney sent me this one about the Landfill Harmonic, who make musical instruments out … Continue reading

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Don’t “check your ego at the door” please

I do a lot of collaborative writing, both at work and for fun. Often, particularly at work, this means that we’ll have a quick chat and then I will throw some rough words onto paper to get a sense of … Continue reading

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