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Looking closely

Kim’s photo challenge this week is to look closely, and – like Kim – I find that getting into the habit of carrying my camera with me is encouraging me to do just that. I’ve been fascinated (even maybe borderline … Continue reading

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Around the University

It was dry again at lunchtime today so I slipped my camera in my pocket and headed out again. As I wandered through Professors’ Square I spied a crow hopping around. He obliged me by staying still just long enough … Continue reading

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A Lunchtime Walk

It was dry at lunchtime today and I had my camera with me, so after eating I headed out to Kelvingrove Park for a walk. As I walked along by the river Kelvin I noticed how many flowers were in … Continue reading

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Resourceful resources

OK  – fair warning – I am going to rant. I’m sick of Brexit and I’m not sleeping well so I’m not in the best of moods. But there’s something that’s bugging me, and on reflection I don’t think this is … Continue reading

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I expect that, like me, you’re familiar with the wisdom of the crowd – but have you heard of it’s opposite? Until recently I hadn’t. Glancing through tweets the other day I came across this tweet from Ron: @sensor63 @jennymackness Ever heard … Continue reading

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Appreciative students

I had a lovely chat with some of my students last week. It was a usual level 1 philosophy seminar and I’d put them into groups of 2-3 to go through some Rousseau quotes together and decide what to make … Continue reading

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Making an ass out of you and me

In his History of Animals, Aristotle asserts that: Males have more teeth than females in the case of men, sheep, goats, and swine. History of Animals 2, 3 One wonders why he did not conduct an empirical study before making this … Continue reading

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Gonnay no dae that

I’m keeping half an eye on Chrissi Neranzi’s Creativity for Learning in HE, which started for real this week. The first activity for this week is to: Select a few objects from home/your office you would normally never use in your teaching. … Continue reading

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Fools march in (a #twistedpair post)

For Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism We all know them, don’t we? Those enthusiastic colleagues who launch into everything they do with fervent enthusiasm without a thought for the consequences. Remember Roobarb? … Continue reading

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What’s the point of feedback?

I recently had a conversation with some other academics about the whole marking, assessment and feedback parade that we go through in HE, and the NSS student survey results, which always score lower for feedback than for other areas. We … Continue reading

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