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Researcher Journal: Research Questions

When I changed my PhD thesis title a while back, I omitted to think through any accompanying research questions. At my last supervision meeting, Vic suggested that it was time to think about what my up to date research questions … Continue reading

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Why I write

The Daily Create today asks for us to answer the question “Why I write”. So why do I write? I write because I am angry, I write because I am sad, I write to get my thoughts clear in my … Continue reading

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Researcher Journal: Ethical Clearance

It took me ages to work out how to write my ethics application for my PhD. It was only when Fiona (my supervisor) said that doing it would help me think through my methodology that something clicked and I started … Continue reading

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My First Comic

This week’s Annotation/Conversation activity from Tellio the Pirate is all about comix making. I realised when I made this that my problem was not so much with making the pix part of that, Witty Comics did that easily – it … Continue reading

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Riches indeed – the postcards I have received as part of Karen’s postcard writing collaboration. All beautiful, in their different ways. Thank you, friends 🙂

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Storyjumpers 4: Confessions of a uke player

[This is part 4 of a story jumping activity for Digital Writing Month. Bruno started it, followed by Kevin  and Maha. Sign up in the Google Doc if you’d like to join in] Ouch – my head hurts! What on … Continue reading

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Blogging is a way of life

Steve Wheeler’s recent #Blimage, #Blideo and #TwistedPair challenges have been great for getting me thinking and helping me find inspiration when I want to blog. This weekend he also inspired my husband, Niall Barr, to participate. Steve’s been a great … Continue reading

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Don’t “check your ego at the door” please

I do a lot of collaborative writing, both at work and for fun. Often, particularly at work, this means that we’ll have a quick chat and then I will throw some rough words onto paper to get a sense of … Continue reading

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ReMEDIAte my poem

Today’s #clmooc challenge is to take something done in one media and convert it to another. My first attempt uses one of the poems written for Sheri’s challenge. First I copied and pasted the text of one of them into … Continue reading

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Email for rhizoANT projects

As we’re looking at collaborative tools for an upcoming presentation about rhizo14, Rebecca and AK  have both written about their feelings of their experiences with using email. In particular, AK talks about the challenges posed by having multiple email addresses – … Continue reading

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