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Year of the Frog

At last it was the year of the frog. Frogina McFrog checked her fancy timepiece (1). “Cover my back” she said to the other reptiles (2) “I’m off”. After a drink or two she felt very emotional (3). “I can go … Continue reading

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Boris the Spider

Today’s Daily Create merges perfectly into what will be week 2 of our #CLMOOC #DigiWriMo pop-up animate week. I’ve been fairly nervous of animating things from scratch so far, but I’ve been paying attention to Niall and especially a recent animation … Continue reading

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Dream Team

Yesterday’s Daily Create asked us build our dream team of five. Meh, no inspiration for that – so here’s Deleuze’s five from ATP: Yet much of positive value came of Deleuze’s flirtation with the greats. He discovered an orphan line of … Continue reading

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Why I write

The Daily Create today asks for us to answer the question “Why I write”. So why do I write? I write because I am angry, I write because I am sad, I write to get my thoughts clear in my … Continue reading

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Clement Attlee

Today’s Daily Create is to: Find a famous literary quote (idealy by a famous literary person) and create something that shows the first draft versions that did not make the cut. Like the notes the writer might have done on … Continue reading

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Wear your flag on your hand

I’m not really a fan of flags – to me they symbolise walls that keep some folk out and tie others to false rhetoric about duty to one’s country  – but today’s Daily Create was a fun thing to do … Continue reading

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He is not man, he is Devo

It all started with a typo – for the Daily Create yesterday: “Search the web for an old paperback cover and use that as starting point for a new cover.” Never one to let a joke go, even if I … Continue reading

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Fibonacci in nature

I love the Fibonacci numbers, so today’s daily create is a joy for me to do. #tdc1604 Oh No, MATH! Find an example of the Fibonacci Numbers out in the world. As I was out watering my potatoes yesterday I … Continue reading

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John John Johnston Johnston

Today’s Daily Create jogged a memory. #ds106 #dailycreate #tdc1592 Make a poem about johnjohnston https://t.co/ymweyfqTik pic.twitter.com/rbj7eDBD4l — ds106 Daily Create (@ds106dc) May 18, 2016 So here’s my adaptation of Disobedience by A. A. Milne John John Johnston Johnston Weatherby George DuPree Took … Continue reading

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Today’s Daily Create: Write a fictional backstory for a death reported by @DeathMedieval Geoff the Mason, a mason, died 1298 for stealing vestments, surplices, books & other ornaments from the church of St Leonard of Leicester — Medieval Death Bot … Continue reading

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