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Two Invitations

Two beautiful cards today from two talented friends. An invitation from Sheri to share her walk, and an invitation from Kristen to help decorate her yard. This one is a real challenge. Thanks, friends 🙂

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The CLMooc Community

Over the last year or so I’ve been part of Karen’s postcard project. It’s a lovely feeling coming home after a long day in the office and finding bright rectangles of card on the mat. I’ve covered one board  thoroughly, … Continue reading

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Over the last couple of days I’ve written and posted about 24 postcards as part of Karen’s postcard project.  That’s a lot of writing! I’ve got lots of ideas about making cards, but it’s been ages since I did any, … Continue reading

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String Postcards

As some folk will know, as part of Karen’s postcard project I made some string art cards and sent them around the world. This week, in preparation for CLMooc 2016, I : added a basic “how to” to the CLMooc Make … Continue reading

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You’ve got a friend

I couldn’t listen to Carole King for a long, long time. It was Nick’s (my brother’s) music, and hearing it took me back to a hard time of hurt, and pain, and misunderstanding. But two events recently made me realise … Continue reading

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String pictures

I don’t draw – I can doodle, but it’s nothing special. So Karen’s postcard writing challenge was – well – a challenge for me. I bought some coloured card and dithered for ages about what to do: potato prints? collage? … Continue reading

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An autumn leaf

This postcard arrived through my door a couple of weeks ago. I’d seen Anna making them while participating in a Google Hangout and I was thrilled to see that one had made it all the way from the states. I … Continue reading

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Riches indeed – the postcards I have received as part of Karen’s postcard writing collaboration. All beautiful, in their different ways. Thank you, friends 🙂

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