Time to Relax


This Christmas I’ve had a holiday. For (most of) the last three weeks I’ve not worried about work, or agonised about what I should be reading and writing. And as I relaxed, I realised that this is the first Xmas that I can remember for at least 20 years that I’ve not had a mountain of academic work hanging over me: no piles of essays to mark; no outstanding PhD thesis to guilt trip me.

This meant that I’ve been able to really relax and take a break. I’ve written lists of things I wanted to do, rather than things I thought I ought to do, and I’ve crossed each one off with a sense of joy, rather than the usual relief. I have:

  • Spent time doing the CLMOOC Daily Doodles
  • Caught up with some old DS106 Daily Creates
  • Knitted myself a cardigan (and started planning my next one)
  • Enjoyed tidying, cooking, cleaning
  • Read novels, watched trashy TV, tuned my ukes again
  • Ignored emails and Teams

And overall I have just relaxed. Tomorrow I go back to work. Well, all good things come to an end.

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The DS106 Daily Create is 10 years old

So here’s 10 reasons why you should join us in the Daily Create

Teacher badge
  1. Teacher owl says Daily Creates are better than apples
  2. You too can become a leader
  3. Anyone can be a Daily Create Influencer
  4. It’s free, and open to anyone to participate
  5. You will meet True Friends
  6. You might be able to solve #SockGate
  7. The Daily Create is not speciesist – we have participants from across the animal kingdom
  8. You don’t need to wear a fancy uniform to participate (most of the time you don’t even need to get dressed!
  9. Nobody is the boss of you – in DS106 rules are made to be broken
  10. #DS106 is #4life
Owl in a top hat

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk

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Happy Hogmanay

It’s been a year, let’s hope the next one is calmer. Here’s wishing you all happiness, peace and whatever you need for 2022. Thank you to all my friends, thank you for CLMOOC and DS106. Some of us have put together a calendar for 2022 which you can download from the CLMOOC blog. Doodle Bird says Happy Hogmanay to you all.

party bird

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Last month Wendy and I gave a presentation about the collaborative poem that happened as a result of a DS106 Daily Create. It was 9am Sydney time, making it early am for Wendy and late evening (10pm) for me, but we managed to present synchronously. Here’s the slides

We also wrote a short report which was our submission to the conference, and that’s also available online for anyone to read and/or remix.

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St Andrew’s Day

Today is St Andrew’s Day, Scottish feast day of Andrew the Apostle. no day off for me, as although it’s a Bank Holiday, institutions are not obliged to honour it (boo!).

The Daily Create today asks us to use an online video generator to show What Might Obama Say About The Daily Create? I am not sure that my attempt is particularly successful, but here he is reciting the last stanza of Burns’ Such A Parcel Of Rogues In A Nation.

And here’s the poem in full:

Fareweel to a’ our Scottish fame,
Fareweel our ancient glory;
Fareweel ev’n to the Scottish name,
Sae fam’d in martial story.
Now Sark rins over Solway sands,
An’ Tweed rins to the ocean,
To mark where England’s province stands-
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

What force or guile could not subdue,
Thro’ many warlike ages,
Is wrought now by a coward few,
For hireling traitor’s wages.
The English stell we could disdain,
Secure in valour’s station;
But English gold has been our bane-
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

O would, or I had seen the day
That Treason thus could sell us,
My auld grey head had lien in clay,
Wi’ Bruce and loyal Wallace!
But pith and power, till my last hour,
I’ll mak this declaration;
We’re bought and sold for English gold-
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

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5 in 1 story

Grab the 5 nearest books around you. (Novels or textbooks, whatever story you’re wanting to make.)

Create a story from the following:

The first sentence on p. 1 of the first book.
The seventh sentence on p. 5 of the second book.
The first sentence of the third paragraph on p. 20 of the third book.
The fifteenth sentence on p. 47 of the fourth book.
The last sentence on the last page of the fifth book.

Give it a catchy title! #TDC1102

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We’re tired of trees

We’re tired of trees. We should stop believing in trees, roots, and radicles. They’ve made us suffer too much. D&G A Thousand Plateaus. p 15

Of course I’m not really tired of trees – but here’s some from Mugdock that are looking pretty tired.

Tree stump
Tree stump
Tree stump
Tree stump
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Talk Like a Pirate Day

Pirate bird
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Lines of Thought for ALT21

Last week Wendy and I gave a presentation about the collaborative poem written for a DS106 Daily Create and some of the remixes that came from it. Here’s the recording and a link to the slides.

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Bob Ross Godzilla

Sometimes I see a Daily Create that makes me wish I had a lot of time to spend on it. Friday was one of those days. The prompt was to make a Bob Ross style voice over.

I only had a few minutes, so I grabbed a pic of Godzilla from Flickr and ran it through a few filters in LunaPic. My big find was a Bob Ross soundboard with lots of very short clips of his voice. I’d recently noticed that Windows 10 has an inbuilt video editor, so I thought I’d try it out. Luckily it was very easy to use – I just dragged and dropped the images in and played some of Ross’s sayings till I found some that fitted. A quick save and upload to YouTube and I was done.

I wish I’d had more time to line up the audio better, but I am quite pleased with my quick Create

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