eAssessment Scotland Conference 2013

I spent yesterday at the 5th annual eAssessment Scotland conference at Dundee University.  This is the third year I’ve attended, and it was odd not to be presenting for once (2 years ago Kenji asked me and Steve Draper to present, last year Lorna Love and I were talking about our Facebook groups).  The conference was well-organised, as ever, and it was good to catch up with old friends.  The first keynote, by Catherine Cronin, was called Assessment in Open Spaces and this quote struck a chord in me:

“Individuals with abundant access to ICTs who have habits of effective use of these technologies in information-seeking and problem-solving activities are unable to make effective use of these technologies in [higher] education settings.” David Wiley & John Hilton III The Daily Divide

I’m running our bi-annual “Digital Natives” survey1 again this year (eek, in three weeks time!) and am very aware that students are generally not as technologically able as we might think they are.  I’ve read a couple of pieces about this recently, such as this and this and I’ll be thinking about this more over the coming academic year as I help to support first year BTech Ed students with the wonderful Sue Milne.

easc bag

Another highlight of the day – finding Tunnock’s caramel wafer in my conference bag 🙂







1. We refer to it thus but it is actually entitled “First Year Student Use of Technology and their Expectations of Technology Use in their Courses”.

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  2. Scptt says:

    The Mary Ann Bell article frustrated me a little. I couldn’t find a publication date, but *of course* people are going to type things into the address bar because, as she concedes herself, that’s where the search engine lives these days.

    I completely understand the point about ridiculous filtering in schools. You’ve reminded me of a Venn diagram I saw recently (potentially mildly NSFW – for the text, though, not the images): http://paulbernal.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/porn-filter-venn-diagram1.jpeg

    • I agree with you about the address bar – we had exactly the same conversation in the office earlier. I’m pretty sure this was written in 2010. Thanks for that Venn diagram – that’s excellent 🙂

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