Book Lists

I’m an inveterate list maker, oft in my head, sometimes on paper, and I have a new project.


A friend posted a couple of pictures to my Facebook feed, one of a book bath, one of a library, and they’ve got me thinking.  What books would I want to choose to create a book bath?  Would I choose my favourite philosophers, or books that had influenced me even though I didn’t like them, or books from my childhood, or books that make me look more erudite than I actually am, or … or …

book library

And if I was lucky enough to own a whole library made of books like this one in Kansas City, how would I decide which books made my short list?  I could choose books that shout a command, like Blackburn’s Think, or make a statement I endorse, such as Geach’s Logic Matters.  That might be fun.

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  1. Month Hacker says:

    Hehe I’m a list maker too, probably many bloggers are. Most of my posts are lists 😀
    Also, I made a list of to-read books yesterday. I hope I complete them before the year ends….

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