netI like making lists, and I also like making tables.  I know that the world’s not really black and white, but I taking an idea and looking at it in two ways – I like dichotomies.  I’ve been playing around with Deleuze and Guattari again, as well as thinking about MOOCs, and I’ve had this written on one of my white boards for weeks now, inspired partly by A Thousand Plateaus pp 18-21


Rhizomatic Arborescent
East West
Mapping Signifying
Performance Competence
Continental Analytic
Coherentism Foundationalism

There’s more than two ways of looking at things, and this is too stark, but it’s helping me to sort out how different theories might mesh together.

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  1. jaap bosman says:

    Like your table, dichotomy. Rhizomes and dichotomy are not friend I suppose, but it is a clear picture. The image that comes with this post is a beautiful rhizome.
    Thanks Jaap

  2. Thank you – I’m glad you like it. I’m starting Dave Cormier’s MOOC this week: https://p2pu.org/en/courses/882/rhizomatic-learning-the-community-is-the-curriculum/ so I’ll be writing more of this sort of stuff, I hope.

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