Cheating as learning: the story so far

So that’s the end of the first week of #rhizo14.  I’ve made new friends, thought of new things and had one of the most wonderfully inspiring weeks ever. As I said on Saturday night:

Yesterday Dave Cormier shouted out for posts which summarised the week. I was busy writing about D&G for my supervisors (serendipidously) so I didn’t have time but I want to capture in words the sense of euphoria I have felt this week. I’ve talked more about D&G than I have for a long time, I’ve read loads of blog posts by other nomads in #rhizo14 that have sparked off new ideas in my head, and I am thinking more clearly about my own thesis now.

rhizo14 imageI still don’t agree with the theme of learning as cheating – I share Jenny Mackness’ concerns about the ethics of cheating.  I’ve spoken to@AnnGagne about referencing and plagiarism being cultural and to @FrancesBell about gardening and knitting and puffins.  This image is a representation done by Felicia Sullivan and shared in the Facebook group: I think it’s lovely.

Looking forward to week 2 🙂

There’s also a Word Garden here:

AnswerGarden: Rhizomatic Learning: what word comes to mind?

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