Rhizomatic mappings

Cath Ellis wrote a blog post about how the London Underground is rhizomatic.  I love this and she’s right – it has multiple entry ways and no correct route.  Indeed, if I am not in  a hurry then I plan my routes via the stations I wish to visit (Mornington Crescent!).  After I read her post I was reminded of Simon Patterson’s Great Bear, and I realised that something similar could be made as a way of visually representing the rhizomatic history of philosophy.

Great Bear

Any folk want to give it a try?

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3 Responses to Rhizomatic mappings

  1. x28 says:

    I think such a map would be great, Unfortunately, my own knowledge of philosophy is not sufficient, but I could offer some technical help. For example, you could paste this list into my little Java application, or into a Cmap by ihmc.us , connect the nodes, and tell me what further is needed?

  2. Thank you – I’ll have a look at that 😀

  3. jollyroger says:

    Yo! That would be useful! Let’s give it a try, yes.

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