A poet who didn’t know it?

I have been introduced to the rather lovely Poetweet which has made this for me and this

In principle
by Sarah Honeychurch

You should meet and
When the speaker does not engage.
I’m calling on to stop in Scotland
Aye, it could be the first stage.

I’d like an account, please.
Will try to do one about discomfort
Only, feel free to paraphrase
Thoughts. Tired, so very short:

End. Call me Wendy, not Norman 😉
About rhizomes and dandelions
I am not a number, I am a free man
Start gives wrong connotations
Great quote by Scott Freeman


Agree norms
by Sarah Honeychurch

Is a useful eye opener 2/2
😛 Will keep my eyes peeled
Earlier, then had to cook dinner

Teaching. Love the “human” aspect
Are also good to read alongside
Would that be a subtellect?

Change that as soon as I get home

Forward to meeting you in Scotland.

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