Not so private after all

So here’s a funny thing. On Saturday I blogged about how I only played my uke in private. If you’d asked me about this at the time I’d have been adamant that nobody bar the cats was ever going to hear me play it. Not ever. No siree. End. Of. Story.

But then Kevin mentioned a collaborative recording site, and Ron suggested some collaboration, and before I thought about the consequences of what I was doing I’d tweeted:

Oh dear, what the heck did I just do?  Long story short, this was a lot of fun. Scary, but fun. Read more about it on Kevin’s blog, and listen for yourself.

As Simon commented on my original post, sometimes we have to push ourselves into collaborative activities. So true. I advocate collaborative learning, I should practise doing it more myself.

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  1. Maha Bali says:

    Ha! Good that u blogged this, entrance into ur mind. I read ur prev post after we started the collaboration so it confused me a bit. But also: maybe in our initial discovery and discomfort some of us prefer to work alone (others w support) and then move out into working with others. Or vice versa. If that makes any sense. Like i play keyboard /piano but never among anyone but family coz it’s just amateur. I would never collaborate w others on it. But singing i always did in both public and private. Just this time i decided not to follow tune or harmony and do a follow thing (didn’t end up that way coz of a misunderstanding i think)

  2. HJ.DeWaard says:

    Thanks for sharing this interesting experience in collaboration in public spaces and the shift from private to public learning. It takes the right group of people to make this happen, I think. Having a previous connection, building a relationship and engaging in some fun in a non-threatening way are factors that I see playing through this creative endeavour. A little bit of harmony to ease the discomfort! Your final thought rings true for me – do it to learn it, but also learn it to teach it! 🙂 Helen

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      Thanks Helen – yes, you are right. Both Kevin and Ron are folk I know, like and respect, which meant I knew I wanted to push myself and do this.

      And you are spot on – I am learning so much more about what collaborative learning is now that I am doing some of it.

  3. dogtrax says:

    I worried that it would be pressure, not inspiration, and hope your cats forgive me. I was so happy to see how it came together over the days, and even if what turned out what not as pristine as I would have liked (from a recording standpoint, not the ukulele standpoint), the larger lessons of collaborative creativity is my big takeaway. That, and friendship through music. Tell yer cats this dog says hello.

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      It was pressure I wanted to put myself under, but I did wimp out from playing my soprano uke and went for the softer tenor. I have bought some new, bright sounding strings for the soprano today though …

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