My perspective on #rhizo15

Monad Chorus

Monad Chorus

There’s been lots of talk about objectives and subjectives in #rhizo15 since Dave set this week’s topic. I played around with words such as subjecting ourselves as subjects and objecting to being treated like objects, but then I gave up and played uke. So rather than setting myself any goals: objective, subjective or whatever, I’m going to think about the perspectives I want to take from this experience.

I started thinking about perspectivism because I am reading Deleuze’s Le Pli (in English) with a F2F reading group. I began writing something here in Fedwiki and it is something that I hope to do more of during the upcoming weeks.  Leibniz’s monads each have their own, unique perspective onto the world. They don’t have any windows (or at least, in our modification, not any that open), and all of their possibilities are contained within themselves, unfolding over time. Deleuze talks about the Baroque and Leibniz, so the illustration accompanying this post is a chorus of monads singing “Hallelujah” to the glory of God.

So: I have a couple of perspectives that I hope to take:

  • a philosophical one, talking to others about some of the writing around D&G
  • a creative and collaborative one – pushing myself to actually make, play and compose songs, pictures and stuff in tune with like minded others
  • a reflective one – to try to understand why I love this process so much.



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  1. Simon Ensor says:

    I am fascinated in this pli idea. just saying.

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