Dave’s Originality Score

Cormier TurnitinThis week in #rhizo15 the topic is about how to measure learning. Just for fun, I put some of his blog posts through Turnitin. Two of them came back with 0% similarity, this one came back with 4%.

Dave is now insisting that I grade him, but I think this calls for multiple markers.  Is his low similarity score to be applauded, or does his lack of serious academic citations give cause for concern?

MOOC_poster_mathplourde How shall we grade Dave? Shall we rate #rhizo15 in terms of its MOOCiness? By the amount of connections we are making? By the multitude of blogs and posts and creative artefacts that are appearing? By the fact that we’ve made a prof from Edinburgh revisit some writing she did 11 years ago? (sorry @sianbayne) (not sorry) 😛

How do we measure #rhizo15? Can we come up with an appropriate rubric? We’ve put together a recipe for open learning, and we’re working on a definition of what counts in #rhizo15, so why not?

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3 Responses to Dave’s Originality Score

  1. Nick Kearney says:

    Who are we measuring for?

  2. Maha Bali says:

    I actually was thinking about originality when listening to Bon’s #et4online talk and how much it challenged traditional measures of anything. We joked on twitter about Dave getting his ideas from her 🙂 it’s a joke of course coz we r all close and tske ideas from each other and being in same house probably makes ideas contagious!

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