#rhizo15: An Invasive Species?

In this week’s #rhizo15 question, Dave Cormier asks if rhizomatic learning is an invasive species.



(This is inspired by Keith, btw.)


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8 Responses to #rhizo15: An Invasive Species?

  1. keith.hamon says:

    Ahh … you are being more post-modern than I. I can appreciate that.

  2. tellio says:

    I think Dave Cormier is guilty of extending this metaphor too far. The correspondences do not stretch–they break.

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      I think that I agree in the case of learning, but might feel differently when thinking about rhizomatic thinking – as I think that some thoughts can be invasive. I’m thinking, for example, about how some people can read a rant in a newspaper about terrorists, or immigrants, or any other scaremongering stuff and it infects the way they think about other things.

  3. I think the most approriate response might be “Category error”

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