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IMG_20150406_120743[1]This popped up in my inbox today, with the suggestion to recommend a book I have read to an online friend. So that got me thinking about the sort of books I’ve been dipping into recently. To be honest, the types of fiction I read are trashy crime fiction like this, not the sort of thing I’d generally recommend to anyone other than my dad and my brother, who I know both share my lowbrow tastes in fiction.

My favourite book at the moment is this knitting book – I am gradually working through the most gorgeous into socks for myself like this pair that are too beautiful to wear. I already shared this with an online friend, though, and I am not aware of others who’d be interested.

I’ve just started reading a biography of D&G that is interesting. I don’t know if anybody’s interested in that – Simon recommended it to me, actually. And I have Pioneer Girl sitting on my knitting chest. I love this book because it shows a grimmer side of pioneering than the Little House books which I loved as a child.

But the book I would most recommend, if you have not read it, is the wonderful Where The Wild Things Are. That’s the sort of book I feel like reading today.

Will that do, Kevin?

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3 Responses to Recommend a book to a friend

  1. Nick Kearney says:

    A Field Guide to Getting Lost – Rebecca Solnit
    Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff Vandermeer

  2. charlenedoland57 says:

    I LOVE Where the Wild Things Are. Fabulous choice.

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