ReMEDIAte my poem

Today’s #clmooc challenge is to take something done in one media and convert it to another. My first attempt uses one of the poems written for Sheri’s challenge.

poem First I copied and pasted the text of one of them into Visual Poetry.  Then I used that to draw an image. I’m not great at drawing, especially when using a mouse with my right hand (I’m left handed, but always use a mouse in my right hand, for reasons).

The image on the left is the result. I couldn’t work out how to save it, so I took a screen shot and edited in Paint. Such skilz 😛

Think you can do better?  Show me what you can do!

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7 Responses to ReMEDIAte my poem

  1. Tania Sheko says:

    Nah, can’t do better. Love ya skilz!

  2. autumm says:

    Reminds me of a musical note!

  3. margaretsmn says:

    Copy and paste and screen shots are my favorite tools. Great job!

  4. dogtrax says:

    I can sing
    Play at life
    I can sing


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