Who is Simon?

Earlier I wondered what it would sound like if I played all of the embeds in this blog post of Simon’s at once by clicking play on each of them, so I tried. Interesting, I thought. So I recorded my efforts using Audacity (didn’t need something that powerful, but I had it open on my PC anyway) and uploaded the results to Soundcloud.

Next I used Kevin’s curated list of Tech Tools to choose a Gif Maker (I’d been working on my own curated list copied from here earlier, so I knew roughly what I wanted). I chose EzGif and uploaded a few pics from my hard drive.

What next, I wondered … of course, Popcorn Webmaker (sadly, dying slowly, but I will keep using it while I can). I uploaded the Gif, added a link to the audio from Soundcloud, tweeked it and published.  Here’s the result:

Who is Simon? Remix and show me what you think.

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3 Responses to Who is Simon?

  1. Simon Ensor says:

    Of Course. Roger Daltrey had the same hairstyle as I used to have. Pathetic disguise really.

  2. Susan says:

    Sarah, well done! Simon, isn’t the best disguise the one no one knows about?

  3. dogtrax says:

    I’m on Simon Overload. Better than Simon Overlord, perhaps ….

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