My poem as a book

I’m still playing, in odd moments, with my little poems written as a response to Sheri’s Identity Shattering challenge. Today Kevin used Storybird to make a story about his poem so I thought I’d try it as well. I think that when it’s approved by the Storybird gods, I’ll be able to embed it, but for now the link is here.


Basically you flick through and choose an artist you like, then create a book. All of their artwork appears around the edge for you to select. I was drawn to the elephants coz my bruvver loves them, and this is his birthday week.

I still think that “remediating” is not the right word to use for what I am doing.

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  1. dogtrax says:

    I struggle with the word, too, but here is how I think it is different than remix: We are taking the same text (whatever that is) and moving it into different platforms, which may alter the meaning or experience for the reader/listener/viewer because of the affordances of the platform itself. In remix, we change the text (whatever that is) to make something new, a riff off the original that can bend and twist and alter the text (whatever that is) and thus, the meaning. In remediation, the original text (whatever that is) is the anchor; the change is in the medium.
    Or something like that ..
    PS — writing this comment is helping me to finally think through what I am thinking through …

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      Yeah, I guess I always use “remix” to mean changing the background but leaving the text the same – like a remix of a song. I’d use “hack” when I am altering the words themselves. So, I agree there are two different things going on, I just don’t think we need to hijack another word to use.

      I think that “remediate” already has a negative meaning and whoever came up with the idea of trying to change it didn’t really think it through. I feel the same about folk who try to “reclaim” words like b**** and c*** However they use them, there are going to be others who are not party to their use, and it is going to confuse or upset.

      PS: Writing this has also helped me to clarify to myself what I am thinking 😉

    • Jen says:

      I appreciate the distinction you are trying to make. It’s an issue I’ve been thinking of throughout the week. It’s slippery, right? Because sometimes as people (re)mediate (and I know it’s a bit precious to use the parentheses, but it expresses something about how we’re using the word), they change the original text.

      • NomadWarMachine says:

        Actaully, Jen, I think if it was in parentheses I would not mind so much, as re(media)te makes it clear that it’s not the usual meaning. That’s why earlier this week I was using reMEDIAte.

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  3. jarhartz says:

    Whatever you name it, I loved reading it. It’s playful and simply fun to and read. Thanks for the playtime. I enjoyed it and the Storybird art!

  4. Enjoyed your Storybird book! I agree that the term “remediate” has a negative connotation. We typically think of it as “improving something/somebody.” In the #clmooc context, it’s more about adapting content to different mediums, and “playing” with meanings in different ways.

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      Thanks Charlene. I have loved the energy in clmooc. So many new tools, and so many friends like you joining in 🙂

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