Learning Technology Cats

comcast catThe problem with learning technology as a specialism is that there are not enough cats involved. Oh, sure, some of us have cats and most of us enjoy watching them on the interwebz, but we don’t get them involved enough in the promotion of best practice of online learning.

When we see tired old content repackaged for the online audience we sigh, we try to show others how to make content more inspiring, but we never think about using a cat to inspire our colleagues into producing better resources.

The landscape is changing, and it behoves us to keep up. Memes are the real influencers on the modern world. Memes for learning technology. Memes with cats. Cats, cats, more cats. You know it makes sense.

This is a #blimage post from an image by @Eatcherveggies

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5 Responses to Learning Technology Cats

  1. Susan says:

    hahahaha love it. I will tell Red he has been blogged.

  2. As a lover of cats, I thoroughly approve of this message.

  3. Tania Sheko says:

    I’m all for it – as a former cats owner and lover of animal memes. But aren’t you excluding half the population, ie the dog people? Of course, then you have to include fish, lizards, etc.

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