Cultivated wild flowers

IMG_20150724_101520949[1]As I was wandering around Uni today I noticed this flower bed at the side of the road. Up until this year, these beds have contained cultivated flowers, but this year they also contain a fair amount of “wild” flowers as well. It was really sunny, so I could not really see what my pics were going to look like, but they are not too bad.

IMG_20150724_105711836[1]I wondered if these are planted as part of the Grow Wild Project (I have a packet of seeds from them that I must work out where to plant soon!).

Anyway, these were a breath of fresh air, and a nice change from the “Parks and Gardens” approach to flowerbeds that Glasgow Council so often take.

"Fossil Grove gardens at Victoria Park - - 529258" by Chris Wimbush. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -


I love most flowers, but the ones I saw today were so much prettier than arrangements like these beds in one of our local parks.

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  1. fmindlin says:

    Lovely that they allow this. I always leave wild corners and nooks in my garden… I consider the word “weed” to be profanity. The proper term is “volunteer.”

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