Blogging is a way of life

Steve Wheeler’s recent #Blimage, #Blideo and #TwistedPair challenges have been great for getting me thinking and helping me find inspiration when I want to blog. This weekend he also inspired my husband, Niall Barr, to participate. Steve’s been a great motivator for many of us – he leads by example by blogging frequently and he is fervent in his encouragement of others to be more active in their blogging.

Back in the 90s an exercise trainer, Derrick Errol Evans, hit our TV screens in the UK. Better known as Mr Motivator he dressed in brightly coloured spandex and released a selection of videos. More recently, in 2012, he released a music video in which he encourages others to be more active.

So there we have it. Steve Wheeler is the Mr Motivator of blogging. Only he can tell us if they share the same love of spandex 😉

(This blog post title is inspired by Mr Motivator’s web pages.)

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