My First Comic

This week’s Annotation/Conversation activity from Tellio the Pirate is all about comix making. I realised when I made this that my problem was not so much with making the pix part of that, Witty Comics did that easily – it was thinking of something for the characters to say. So here’s my first one  – two white men saying nothing much to each other.

2white men saying not very much

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5 Responses to My First Comic

  1. “Two white men saying nothing much to each other” – that’s nearly as amusing as the comic itself! Thanks for blazing the trail. I will try to follow your example. Wrestling with creating an infographic at the moment. 😉

  2. dogtrax says:

    Ha … More sugar, please

  3. scottx5 says:

    When I was doing graphic arts for fun I took an Advertising Copywriting course and was told that the graphics people were always second to the writers who did all the REAL development and design. As Sherri points out, the existential truth of the characters above is their presence as representatives of the reality of their unimportance. Sad.

  4. charlenedoland57 says:

    Maybe some eye contact would improve the communication? 🙂

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