Yesterday it snowed. By lunchtime the view from my bedroom window was this:

A snowy garden and houses

One thing that surprised me was how the houses, which usually look white, look such a dirty yellow at the moment. Colour’s all relative, I guess.

The birds looked hungry this morning:

Snow on bird feeders

Niall has since filled these so the wee birds that visit our garden can find a tasty feast. The blackbirds also love these berries:

Plant with red berries in the snow

It looks lovely at the moment, but it is also very cold.

All images by me shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

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5 Responses to Snow

  1. scottx5 says:

    As a Canadian I should some sort of wisdom about snow but it’s minus 31 C this morning and I realized the most important marker of winter’s wonders is the sound of scratching in the cat box.

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      I cannot even imagine how cold that feels.

      • scottx5 says:

        We still get birds like Chickadees, Bohemian Waxwings and Raven who winter in town and summer in the forest. Strangely, David Thompson traveled through here on his trip to the Pacific but the largest settlers came from Lebanon to raise mink and harvest white-fish caviar for selling in Russia. They stayed here–crazy idea.

  2. Tania Sheko says:

    It’s going to top 37 degrees C. Today and I’m relieved v
    Because this time of the year in Melbourne, Australia, we often get relentless days in the 40s. Looking at your snow and berries photo I’m creating a fantasy image of crisp Winter whites and the romanticism of wintry films. It never snows here.
    Whites are never one white – are they? Always informed by what’s next to them. It makes me ponder on the eclectic pick and choosiness you mentioned in your previous post. The perception of the white will depend on your context and how it sits within your own picture.

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