String pictures

I don’t draw – I can doodle, but it’s nothing special. So Karen’s postcard writing challenge was – well – a challenge for me. I bought some coloured card and dithered for ages about what to do: potato prints? collage? photos? Nothing seemed right. Then I remembered an article I’d seen  before Christmas and I knew I’d found what I wanted to make. I had a lot of embroidery thread in my sewing table, so I tipped it all out and set to work.

card and protractor sewing a parabola onto a card

I began with a triangular design, got bored after 8 of those and tried some star-like shapes. Finally I tried a six pointed design, which I was really pleased with – but I had enough to send now, so packed up my tools and glued them down.

Cards with parabolas sewn on

Finally I opened the Google Sheet and addressed all of the envelopes, wrote messages and sealed them up.


Next to remember to post them!

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4 Responses to String pictures

  1. karen says:

    Wow! These are beautiful!

  2. susan watson says:

    Sarah – Incredible! These are beautiful and amazing!

  3. mrsloomis says:

    Holy smokes!!! Brilliant!

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