Feb 14th Rhizopoem

Blue and yellow irisGinger’s a rhizome

An iris is too

Some irises are pink

But this one is blue




flickr photo by tanakawho shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

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4 Responses to Feb 14th Rhizopoem

  1. dogtrax says:

    lovely and makes me long for Spring ….

  2. tellio says:

    The elder folk in my part of Kentucky call irises “flags”.

    The rhizome part of the poem is like most poetry–growing underneath, part of a larger mat of culture and history and genes. The part we see is just the showy part of plant, the flag, “waving not drowning”. Instead of rhizopoems, perhaps we should call these “Rhymezomes”?

  3. tellio says:

    BTW, I am wearing your warm knit down to the barn this morning to bottle feed triplets whose mama doesn’t have enough milk.

    It is beyond wet.
    Suffused and oozing
    Mucking around
    in the barn
    I dream of flags
    and sward
    and kites.
    My head is warmed

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