This week Kim’s photo challenge is about trees. Despite D&G’s dislike of trees:

We’re tired of trees. We should stop believing in trees, roots, and radicles. They’ve made us suffer too much. All of arborescent culture is founded on them, from biology to linguistics. Nothing is beautiful or loving or political aside from underground stems and aerial root, adventitious growths and rhizomes. ATP p15

I’m very fond of trees – especially the fruit trees that we planted 3 years ago. Here’s one of the apple trees earlier today:

Tiny apple tree

As you can see, it’s not much more than a twig at the moment, although it is starting to show signs of coming back to life after the winter:

Apple blossom buds

I’m looking forward to seeing it blossom over the next few months.

All photos by me shared on a CC-BY-NC-SA licence

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  1. scottx5 says:

    Had the knowledge of good and evil been hidden in a potato, this is what we would have lost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc14yr53d9U

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