Never Throw Tapioca Down a Mine Shaft

Today’s Daily Create asks us to:

Create or write something to explain the origins of this aphorism: “Never throw tapioca down a mine shaft.”

I don’t think it’s a well known aphorism, at least not in English, so I don’t know the actual origins of the saying, but hey ho.

When I was a kid our school lunches were pretty dire, but there was one we really, really dreaded – tapioca pudding – or frogspawn as we called it. The thought of this still makes me shudder. Despite this, I love frogs – here’s a pic from my office wall:


As I was surfing for inspiration I came across the phrase “frog in a well” – another new one for me. Apparently this means to be narrow minded. So I’m going to suggest, with no evidence whatsoever, that you shouldn’t throw tapioca (frogspawn) down a mineshaft (well) because you’ll end up with narrow minded frogs (workers). To be sung to the tune of “You cannae shove yer grannie aff the bus” 😉

Flickr photo by me shared under a CC-BY-SA-NC licence


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One Response to Never Throw Tapioca Down a Mine Shaft

  1. tellio says:

    My take: ad hoc, repurposed, shoehorned, improvisational. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, interpolate, viagric, serendipity + side effects, anomalous, the lovechild of “Backfire” and “Blowback”– all suggestions were the unintended consequence of responding to your blog post by searching Google.

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