Grids and Gestures

Today Nick Sousanis has teamed up with the Daily Create folk to introduce his Grids and Gestures activity. In this, he asks us to:

… take a single sheet of paper (any size, shape will do) and drawing with a pencil or pen, carve it up in some grid-esque fashion that represents the shape of your day… The emphasis here is to do your best to not draw things.

I found it very hard not to draw things. Funny, because I usually doodle shapes and not things, but suddenly I wanted to draw ukes, and daffodils, and yarn. Still, I tried to resist, and here’s my representation of yesterday:


I woke to sound of a cat purring on my shoulder and a cuppa from Niall. Played music and looked at the flowers in the garden in the morning before being driven to the mum-in-laws for lunch then knitting. Driven home, folded washing, tidied paperwork, more music. Then TV dinner before bed. The last thing I recall is Lacey cat curling up in her bed at my feet.  Bliss.

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  1. scottx5 says:

    Very cool project. Have to think of some images for today’s activities. Photographed a dried fish head, bought a stuffed bear for the dog and then returned it for the next size up to give as a birthday present, fertilized the front lawn and had my weekly fight with the medical system.

    Oh, and a quote to puzzle over : “The ultimate aim of literature is to set free, in the delirium, this creation of a health or this invention of a people, that is, a possibility of life.” (Deleuze 1997:4) Now a Nap.

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