Sun, then a quick burst of rain, then sun again this morning. After some messing around on the internet (research!) I put on a pan of soup for work lunches and then headed out into the garden and planted my seed potatoes on grow bags, dug up the rogue potatoes in the asparagus bed and relocated them, and potted out some plug plants.

potatoes in grow bags

I noticed that the clematis we planted last year is thriving and flowering:

purple clematis flower

The sage that seeded itself outside the garage is well at home:

Sage bush

Lacey is hiding under a bush:

Black cat under a buddlea bush

The rhubarb is ready to be cut:


This alpine strawberry is growing well:

alpine strawberry bush

All in all a day I feel privileged to live where I do.  When I came back in the soup was ready to finish and decant into containers:

Soup in airtight containers

Then I sat down with a tasty cup of liquorice and lemon tea:

Fruit tea with slices of lemon.Niall’s now out tackling the grass, which is incredibly overgrown again. This is here today – it’s a happy place.

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  1. charlenedoland57 says:

    This is lovely! I enjoyed following your day.

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