Fibonacci in nature

I love the Fibonacci numbers, so today’s daily create is a joy for me to do.

#tdc1604 Oh No, MATH! Find an example of the Fibonacci Numbers out in the world.

As I was out watering my potatoes yesterday I noticed a spider’s web strung between one of the bags and some plants. Today when I went out to take a picture of it, the rowan tree above had sprinkled it with petals (the web is very hard to see in this pic – I don’t have fancy filters or lenses on my camera, so it’s lucky the petals are there). I looked for a dandelion to snap, but we’d weeded most out, and the rest are just clocks. But here’s a fine one I took the other day. A buttercup and a daisy that I captured the other day at Ross Priory, and a bellis from my garden.

bellis, buttercup, dandelion clock, daisy, spider's web
Finally – a serendipitous find. Who knew that the Fibonacci numbers were used to solve the mathematical problem of counting to potato? Lol

Images from my garden. All CC-BY-SA-NC

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4 Responses to Fibonacci in nature

  1. dogtrax says:

    Potato Numbers .. like that. I wish the title had not been “Oh No Math” — should be “Math Rocks the World!”

  2. Wow, so many examples of this sequence in the garden! I never knew before I read about this daily create. I’m excited to go look for some myself.

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