He is not man, he is Devo

Sock knitting book with DS106 logo and Jim Groom and Alan Devine [sic] as authorsIt all started with a typo – for the Daily Create yesterday: “Search the web for an old paperback cover and use that as starting point for a new cover.” Never one to let a joke go, even if I was not in at the beginning of it, I chose a sock knitting book and altered it by adding the DS106 logo and Jim Groom and Alan Levine as authors. Except – whoops – I typed Devine instead of Levine. Just as I hit send on the tweet I noticed my error. Darn. And of course Jim noticed immediately. After a few tweets, Jim quipped:

And I filed away that thought. So today’s Daily Create: We’re Tired of Making Challenges. Do whatever the heck you want to do today. Be free.” Seems an ideal opportunity for this:

He is not man, he is Devo. D. E. V. O.

Image of Alan Levine from his info page In my haste to do this in my lunch break I omitted to note where the hat came from 🙁

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2 Responses to He is not man, he is Devo

  1. CogDog says:

    I need more red hats thanks

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