Leading Lines

Uncertain days following the Brexit fiasco, but as ever my surroundings soothe me and I am happy to be up here. Selfish worries about the possibility of rising mortgage payments, losses to my future pension and all of that mean that I have not slept well this weekend, so I flicked through my camera to see what photos I’d taken this week to fit with Kim’s weekly challenge

So follow some lines and see where they take you!  I can’t wait to see what you find.

A foxglove ‘weed’ growing in the back garden – with one of the ‘proper’ plants pointing yo it as if to tell it that it should not be there (Brexit is obviously colouring my vision here):


More foxgloves in front of the garage – perhaps gesturing to the door to point out that a recent storm damaged the top (out of view in this pic).


A bee house, also broken by Scottish weather – so many lines here:


A climbing hydrangea on the garage trellis – it’s not obvious from this image, but this brash flower is invading on the space of another. Again, an obvious metaphor arises in my mind:


Streetlights framing a solstice moon like goalposts earlier this week:


The view as we walked to the polling station on Thursday – one of the remaining tower blocks framing the shot:


And finally Cagney last night – these tanks have lids, so the fish were not in any danger:


Thanks, Kim – that’s soothed my mind. 🙂

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  1. susan watson says:

    I hope that our worst fears do not come true in this whole Brexit scenario. I am glad your surroundings soothe you – mine do as well. Without my plants and cats and the sun and my deck, I would be a far less content person!

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