I’m getting into the habit of taking photos when something in the garden catches my eye, so when I saw this week’s challenge I swiped through my recent pics on my camera.

Look up, down and all around in search of spiky.  Where will you find protrusions to share?  I look forward to seeing what you find!

Teasels from the garden, dried and standing in the corner of my study (I was going to retake this without the corner of the noticeboard, but it’s the postcard one so it gets to stay:


A circular needle with cobweb lace. I love this yarn, but it is taking a long time to knit this shawl!

My elephant garlic, sending up spikes and getting ready to flower:

elephant garlic

Rosemary, just finishing flowering:


My gadget for holding skeins of yarn to wind into balls – I love this image with my 4 ukes, some of Maha’s kid’s art on the board and the postcard noticeboard in the corner:

yarn holder

And, finally – my drunk octopus coat hook:

brass coat hook

That last shot pretty much captures how I feel this week.

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