Who am I this month?

I had meant to spend more time crafting my intro to  CLMooc16 – trying out some tools I’d not used before, curating some of my digital artefacts – that sort of thing. But then Brexit happened, and everything changed. For the last 10 days I have slept badly and spent my waking hours on the verge of tears worrying about the country I live in and the country I come from: furious at the politicians and media that have caused this massive clusterfuck, and unable of doing more than going through the motions and ranting over social media.

So this is me. Born in England to an English mother and a Cornish father, I escaped to Scotland 18 years ago because I fell in love with the scenery and I stayed because I love the people. I married a local man, Niall, and now call myself Scottish. I love cats, my garden, real ale, knitting, ukes and philosophy (not necessarily in that order). Here are some of the places that you can find me and things that are important to me:

And here’s our two cats, Cagney and Lacey.

IMG_0614 Black Cat

I made this interactive image using Thinglink – which is a free app I  like.  This post is written for the beginning of #CLMooc

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6 Responses to Who am I this month?

  1. Aras BOZKURY says:

    Leave other things in common, we both love those unique creatures: Cats 😉

  2. Sarah, love the thinglink and how you phrase things. My mother was Scottish [Great-grandfather McIntosh from Inverness], Irish, Norwegian! My cat Stella is a noisy black and white cat — whose fur shines brownish red in the sun. My crocheting does not not compare to your beautiful knitting. I always enjoy your insights, and hope that Brexit is reversed. Could it happen?

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      Thank you Sheri. I’m English by birth, but I love the Scots language and phrasing, and I’ve been here so long now (18 years) that it’s how I talk now. Black and white cats are the best :).

      I don’t know what can be done about Brexit. Independence for Scotland is on the cards, but I worry about my English connections. It’s a mess 🙁

  3. Yay for “thinglink”! It’s one if my favorites, too. I remember the Bay City Rollers from the first time around, but I don’t know much about the Proclaimers. I’ll have to fix that!

  4. HJ.DeWaard says:

    Love what this intro reveals about who you are and what you do. It’s bits and pieces loosely joined together – sort of like threads knitted into a scarf 🙂

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