Mooching around Mull


The Rayburn at our cottage was being serviced yesterday, so we decided to go out and avoid the smell of oil. Amazingly, it was looking to be a sunny day, so we grabbed our coats and assorted paraphernalia and headed up to Salen to see how the decrepit boats were doing. Still there, we were pleased to note, and still worthy of a pic or two:


Getting up close to the nearer boat I noticed it has a tree growing out of it:


Then we headed up to Tobermory for lunch. All together now: “What’s the story …?” (OK, that joke might only work if you were a British pre-schooler from 2003 – 2005, or you’re Scottish).


After lunch we drove over to Loch Frisa in the hope of seeing some raptors. Sure enough, as we got out of the car, we saw a buzzard hovering overhead. Too far away to take any photos, though. We wandered down the side of the loch, failing to get any pics of the dragonflies – but the view was lovely.


I did manage to take some pics of some flowers – a spiky Scottish thistle:


And some Scottish bluebells (the English call these harebells):


As we headed back to the car we saw a wren on the path ahead taking a sand bath.


No more raptors, though – just home to take off my slightly scuffed Docs.


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