Birds on Mull

Sitting mallard

Yesterday was forecast to be a beautiful day, and I woke up to find the sun  burning its way through the blinds. So I put up a packed lunch and we headed out nice and early.

We’d decided to head for Pennyghael, as we knew that we’d be able to park there easily. We stopped in a layby on the way to admire the view:

Mull water

Then onto Pennyghael. The views there were stunning – blue skies and sparkling water – which made up for the lack of exciting birds around.

Pennyghael, Mull

Still, we enjoyed watching the  mallards swimming around, and they let us get fairly close to take pics of them. I wandered along the shore looking at stones and shells – this stone nest amused me:

Stone nest

After a while we decided to head off and see what else we could find to look at. We drove north  east, on a winding single track road which followed the coast, and stopped in a parking place to look at the islands – Staffa in the foreground with the Dutch Cap behind it.


A little further on it all got very exciting. As we turned the corner we saw a bird – some sort of raptor – flying past the car with its catch in its claws. We got out our binoculars and cameras hopefully and looked around. Niall spotted a peregrine (not the same bird as we had just seen) perched on a high up rock. I cranked my camera up to full zoom and hoped for the best.


After a while we drove further north, with the Treshnish in the distance. Another raptor – likely a buzzard – hovering overhead.


Eventually we parked back at the boats at Salen and looked at the wildlife – seals, swans, herons, and other sea birds.


Today is a dreich day, so we’re staying home to PhD. Back to Glasgow tomorrow.


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