Last day on Mull

Friday was our last full day on Mull and it rained ALL DAY! At first, having a quiet day to do some PhD stuff was appealing, but neither of us really settled to it, and by late afternoon we both had cabin fever. So I got tea ready to cook later and we wandered up the road to the nearest pub – a mere 45 minutes away. It turned out to be a fairly nice evening, and after a few pints we headed home. As we walked down the road Niall pointed out this postbox – it looks as if it has hair growing out of the top of it. These weeds are tenacious little things:


Wandering further, we noticed a familiar silhouette perching up above. Buzzard!


By now the sky was glorious – I half expected the hand of God to reach through these clouds 😉


Then back to the cottage where Niall pointed out a bush growing through a fence post – bizarre:

Branching out


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