Around the University

It was dry again at lunchtime today so I slipped my camera in my pocket and headed out again. As I wandered through Professors’ Square I spied a crow hopping around. He obliged me by staying still just long enough for me to take this:


I was aiming for the Lion and Unicorn staircase outside the Uni chapel, as a colleague had reminded me of it:

Lion and Unicorn Staircase

I walked around and stopped on the South Front and looked over at the Art Gallery:

Through the leaves

Then down the stairs past loads of willowherb:

Great Willowherb

stopping halfway to look at the bandstand:


and then down to Lord Kelvin:

Lord Kelvin

Crossing over to the other side of the park I noticed this statue of Carlyle Рlike  a butterfly emerging from his chrysalis:


Then back up the road past Pearce Lodge gate (apparently the oldest building on campus):

pearce lodge gate glasgow university

and back to work – past more wild flowers in a flower bed:

Wild Flowers


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