Over the last couple of days I’ve written and posted about 24 postcards as part of Karen’s postcard project.  That’s a lot of writing! I’ve got lots of ideas about making cards, but it’s been ages since I did any, so this time I used some cards I had given to me a while back – and I had a lot of fun matching cards to everybody:


Then I logged into my online postage account. Well, I don’t know if the Royal Mail have hiked their prices right up or if it’s yet another effect of Brexit – or both – but post to the US is an awful lot more than last time. Last time I sent cards I am sure they were only £1 each to post – this time the same option was £2.25 – which worked out to quite a lot. So … there was a cheaper option of £1.37 – and I think these are truly described as snail mail as apparently they will take up to 42 days to arrive. Luckily this project is not time bound then!


Edit: later, when I Googled for UK – USA postage rather than going through the Royal Mail links, I did find air mail for £1.05/£1.33 for letters of 10/20g So that’s annoying and a relief!

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  1. mrsloomis says:

    must be coming by boat! lol

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