Find Five Friday

July flowersI know, I know – it’s Saturday. But yesterday was busy, and then it was sunny so we walked to the pub after work. And this morning I’ve been upgrading my PC to Windows 10 and reading offline.

My Find Five Friday (F5F) this week:

  1. Canva I love this for quickly pulling together photos I’ve taken, or for creating mash ups for the Daily Create. I made the image at the top of this post with Canva using some photos that I took yesterday.
  2. Pullquote  A neat little app for Chrome etc. I use this a lot to quickly tweet things that are longer than the 140 character limit.
  3. I love this annotation tool – especially for adding gifs and images to the side of blog posts.
  4. Another app I use a lot when I’m out walking around the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Great for identifying unknown plants and confirming when I am unsure.
  5. Pocket  So often when I come across something I want to read, I want to save it to read later. This is another Chrome extension that I use a lot to save stuff for when I have time to read it.

That’s five of my regular “go to” apps online. What are your favourites?

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