Fossil Grove

Fossil tree sculpture

Today we drove down to Victoria Park to visit Fossil Grove, some fossilised Lepidodendron trees discovered in 1887 and preserved in a museum. Inside was very dark, and it was really hard taking any pics.

Fossil grove

Fossil tree stump

Here’s the model showing where the trees are:

Fossil Gove

Back outside, we wandered around the lake, taking pics of the birds – moorhens, coots, swans and gulls:




Who are you looking at?

As we wandered around, cameras in hand, a local with his wee lad told us that he’d been taking pics of a nesting duck when a gull had swooped down and snatched a chick. He was visibly shocked by it. Here’s a parent on the nest afterwards:


What do you have #CloseToHome?


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