Looking closely

Kim’s photo challenge this week is to look closely, and – like Kim – I find that getting into the habit of carrying my camera with me is encouraging me to do just that. I’ve been fascinated (even maybe borderline obsessed) with taking close ups of bubbles and ripples recently – not surprising given the climate here in Glasgow. Here’s one I took recently of the fish pond in the Botanics:


and this – using my fish eye setting to photograph some of the ripples over the huge carp:


As Niall and I went out for a walk the other day I paused in the front garden and took this close up of one of our weeds – a pretty weed, out of place in the lawn:

Little weed

and this ash sapling, trying to grow in a crack on our steps:


Last week I was on a trades union reps training course in our spectacular main building. One lunchtime I played around taking photos through the (very dirty, but very beautiful) window:

Window to the world

This has the flagpole in it – I love, love, love these windows:

Window to the world

Another day and another walk  -this tiny feather caught my eye:


And at Warwick Uni this week, wandering around in the early morning, this moorhen let me get up close and take this pic:


My camera is such a joy to me. On days when the world seems grim I can lose myself for a while as I look through its lens and see beauty around me.

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