It’s been a fairly awful week. It should have been a restful week’s holiday around the house forgetting about work, but instead it was a stressful period that’s still not over. So Kim’s weekly challenge this week is particularly apt: Fighting the Blahs. On Wednesday, determined to salvage at least a couple of days peace, Niall and I headed up to Ross Priory for lunch. It was an overcast day, with the clouds down over the hills as we looked over Loch Lomond:

Loch Lomond from Ross Priory

But this is always one of our favourite places, with such a beautiful house:

Ross Priory

A gate with no fence or wall around it:

The gate to nowhere

A walled garden with a sundial:

THe Walled Garden

Without any sun this is not much use:

Sun Dial

And lots of flowers with hoverflies and bees:


So I could practice using my camera in macro mode:

Just visiting

And a final puzzle – what use is this here?


As we wandered around we spotted some brambles – so we popped back yesterday to pick some. Next: bramble and apple jam making 🙂


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6 Responses to Blah

  1. Overcast certainly isn’t doomed to be blah. Thanks for the reminder.

    Beautiful photos.

    “Bramble” is raspberry/blackberry/other?

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      Thank you 🙂 Brambles is the Scottish word for blackberries (both the fruit and the plant) – in England the berries are called blackberries and the plants are called brambles

  2. Oh I love it there! The moon gate is brilliant. I think I have a photo somewhere when we were up for a writing retreat I took during sunset … (sorry brain fried cannot do that sentence thing anymore)

  3. scottx5 says:

    I like the table in front of the house. Looks like a turtle described mathematically. The last picture affirms the truth that the Scots have known about global warming for a long time but were over-optimistic in marking off sites for future yachting clubhouses. The fence is there to prevent randy seals from cohabiting with cattle. Which, I think is the source of the Walrus. The gate is inexplicable.

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