Old books I would not want to be without

The Daily Create yesterday was bizarre:

There are only 3 tweets with this hashtag on Twitter. We found it via @mr45144 and we would love to add some #ds106 love to #OldBooksIDareNotPartWith today.

Find a book you dare not part with, take a photo, tell us why!

Dare not part with? Dare not? What an odd choice of words. It doesn’t surprise me that there were so few tweets to that hashtag. There’s lots of books I love having as possessions, many more I loved reading, plenty I would not like to be without. But it’s not a matter of being bold or craven. So here’s some books which define me – ones I pick up over and over again – either virtually or actually:


My Chambers dictionary – because etymology is interesting, and cryptic crosswords are good things to do. D&G’s ATP and Wittgenstein PI – two books that are never far from my thoughts. Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own, because my study is a place I can sometimes lose myself in my thoughts and my writing. And EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac, because she gives me confidence to experiment.

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