Old books I would not want to be without

The Daily Create yesterday was bizarre:

There are only 3 tweets with this hashtag on Twitter. We found it via @mr45144 and we would love to add some #ds106 love to #OldBooksIDareNotPartWith today.

Find a book you dare not part with, take a photo, tell us why!

Dare not part with?¬†Dare not? What an odd¬†choice of words. It doesn’t surprise me that there were so few tweets to that hashtag. There’s lots of books I love having as possessions, many more I loved reading, plenty I would not like to be without. But it’s not a matter of being bold or craven. So here’s some books which define me – ones I pick up over and over again – either virtually or actually:


My Chambers dictionary – because etymology is interesting, and cryptic crosswords are good things to do. D&G’s ATP and Wittgenstein PI – two books that are never far from my thoughts. Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own, because my study is a place I can sometimes lose myself in my thoughts and my writing. And EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac, because she gives me confidence to experiment.

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