Celebrate the season

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Glasgow today, so Niall and I were delighted to see that today’s Daily Create urged us to get outside and take photos of our surroundings. At the moment our pathways are carpeted with autumn leaves, and I spent a glorious time one evening last week kicking through them:


I paused to take this shot of our beautiful main building:


and then we headed for Kelvingrove. Niall stopped here to admire the view before getting out his camera:


I turned as we walked, and snapped the Uni tower again through the trees:


The sycamore leaves are glorious at the moment:



The Kelvin is full of leaves, drifting downstream like confetti:


The Botanics is splendid as usual:


I love this monkey puzzle tree


Then back to work, past the local secondary school:




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  1. Undertaker says:

    Glascow must be a beautiful city.

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